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Richgel 2.0 are professional cost effective gel which made in japan with natural resin and no sensitive formula. They are non-toxic and smell less. Richgel are easy to apply and suitable for any nail with bright and moist texture. Extremely pigmented color that won't run, blur, streak, bubble, peel or shrink.  Richgel 2.0 does not only have basic color for daily use, but also have sandy color, aurora cat eyes, nude color, leather, metallic color, and so on...This amazing soak off color gels provides excellent coverage, and can be used for both detailed nail art as well as full coverage colors.This whole set will definitely cover all of your use for a salon.


This link is only for NUDE COLOR SET 9 COLORS 


Product Info:

  • All 250 colors available here
  • Size: 4g jar
  • Soak-off in minutes
  • LED 30 sec / UV 60 sec 

  • Self-leveling, viscous texture for easy application
  • Great flexibility for Art
  • Highly durable and long lasting





**Colors may differ from actual product depending on each individual screen setting

**Product quality can change with light and heat exposure so it is recommended that all products are stored in a dark cool place

**Mix well before use. For professional use only.



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